Saturday, January 12, 2008

"devlopement of dams" or the "developement dams"

In time when human feels need to his natural and cultural heritage more than past , the trend toward disrupting and destructing these possessions , caused the living health in globe to encounter the serious risks. Efforts to protect the valuable heritage has not been an amusing activity any more in anywhere in world and isn't a work of a certain group or special social class . Today the common needs of human beings caused they work together and be in a line protect their shared possessions. If human is seeking to guarantee his future life health , he has to give right all the elements and creatures of this world to continue their life and should be responsible to protect the valuable heritage against his self-constructed threats.
Although challenge against these threats have always been difficult , because it has been against personal or group benefits and in a optimistic manner against abolished development policies of governors , but the challenge become more difficult when the threats have been introduced the people as a symbol of development and civilization.
Perhaps, dams accounted one of the most important threats. Dams such as
ASWAN dam in Egypt , THREE GORGE dam in China , ILISU
dam in turkey , SIVAND and MOLASADRA dam in IRAN are typical threats which destruct and destroy the natural and cultural heritage of iranians and world people .
Although , speaking about campaign against constructing the different dams because of different reasons such as social and media limitations , lack of non-governmental organization (NGO) and finally the uncorrected and non-scientifically insights and views common within people and within specialists and managers, is considered a modern activity, but sivand dam and its inundation branches which destructed the bio-environmental and destroyed the ancient heritage of different historical periods , have been too disaster and disgrace that forced the people who are interested in bio-environment and Iran culture , protest against this decision . Of course, one can't ignore the weather or climate conditions and growing need to water resources influenced the people's views about the role of dams to meet the needs. But the destructive consequences of making dams in different countries stated as following:

What is obtained by making dam is less than what is lost

sivand dam / ilisu dam / three gorge dam

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