Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cultural impacts

As a result of inundating many cultural relics and natural sites in Tange-bolaghi such as King way of achamenian , ancient villages DARIUS the great Palace , pottery furnace site , tile-making furnace , Ashkani tomb , etc . will be buried by water. Most of the archeological works in the region of Pasargadae will be damaged because as a result of inundation and increasing water level , the soil is soft and alluvium . Because most of the stones used in these works are calcareous, and are sensitive to moisture , by increasing moisture as a result of inundation , they will be destroyed in the long time.
Yet, no exploration has been made in Tange-bolaghi , regarding the historic sites , because as a result of refilling they will be buried by water. We may refer to a historic site dating back to the era of Bakun, which measures 10 hectares.
Although, regarding the Islamic Buildings resulted from these explorations no research has been done yet . In other areas only evacuation operations have been done partly.
We may recognize the damage scope in this area by means of Pro. Shahriar Adl's remark , who is an expert in archeology , He mentions that "As a result of refilling and sediment collection, the topography of the region will be changed or may be destroyed completely and there will be no way to prevent that ".
Damaging the value of Pasargard universal registration, which was registered in 2004 in an UNESCO session with majority of votes, is one of the consequences . But according to the international cultural heritage preservation law, Iran is obliged to preserve the archeological site of Pasargadae and must not put in jeopardy the boundary of this work which includes a part of Tange- bologhi.
In this way, some of the undiscovered history of the land will be out of reach of the next generation forever, whereas other countries are trying to obtain a credit by forging or colonizing other countries' cultural heritage , why our officials are trying to destroy our own heritage and declare findings as useless?
bolaghi gorge s photoes by : reza moradi ghiasabadi

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