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Overview the protests according to time of occurrence

1) in Jan 20th, 2007 : the conference of cultural heritage organization about archeology excavations and the salvation of Tange-Bologhi celebrated. But the conference ended without an official manifesto because of attending some admirer and fonder of Iran nature and culture , however it was an indirect license to inundation of sivand dam at the end of conference . Surprisingly , the heads of related organizations declared that the necessary archeology and inundation of dam would be very soon.

But actually these organizations should protect the bio environment and cultural heritage of Iranians.

2) In Jan 21, 2007: some of the students of boy high school "Avecina" in city Shiraz sent a letter or written protest to Iran president , Shiraz cultural heritage organization and to power plant , against constructing sivand dam.

3) in feb 7 , 2007 : around 800 students of country universities protested against
harvesting water of sivand dam which may damage cyrus the great tomb through a deceleration . The declaration stated :
inundation of sivand dam in Pars province without attention to global ancient valuable works that result in destroying Tangeh-Bolah , empirical way , Darius the great palace , Passargadae works and destroying heavily cruse the great tomb , so just some actions without investigating or exploring were necessary . Students , who signed deceleration , compared such an action with destroying two Buda sculptures.

4) in feb 8 / 2007: after, the written and verbal protests of people representatives and organizations didn't come to a result , so some who were interested in Iran nature and culture , gathered in front of power ministry and left there when Ali Zadeh , who was undersecretary of power ministry promised to solve the problem through meeting . But the students gathered in front of traveling and cultural heritage organization and wanted the organization to cancel issuing license for inundation sivand dam.

5) In Feb 13, 2007: more than 30 parties and political groups belong to Iran parties home protested to inundation of sivand dam through signing a common declaration . The declaration arranged in five paragraph Which pointed out the damages resulted of sivand dam inundation and approved by more than 30 parties and political groups in general assembly of Iran parties home.

6) may 14 / 2007: more than 300 people of public representatives appeared facing Islamic consultative congress and called people representatives to consider people rights but it ended with ambiguous and unclear answers of a representative and finally the police force intervened and arrested some protesters for several hours. Then opposing against inundation of sivand dam ended with debate between cultural heritage organization and ministry of power heads and independence specialists, non-governmental organizations with the Medias news reporting without censorship. Amir Reza khadem, member of congress cultural commission attended and promised the Islamic congress to consider and verify any decision making about inundating sivand dam with consulting people representatives and non-governmental organizations. Also police arrested two representatives in this appearance but they released by protesters insistence.

7) In may 26 2007: some fonders of Iran nature and culture appeared in Pasargadae region and beside cyruse the great tomb and distributed some tracts which included some information about sivand dam and the reasons of opposition against dam inundation. Some people were arrested for several hours and protesters were forced to leave there . Then some protesters gathered beside cruse the great tomb but again this movement caused to arrest some protesters by police but they released by efforts of some local people and others.

8) In 11th, 4, 2007: more than 400 fonders of Iran nature and culture and some students gathered against cultural heritage organization when the news of inundating of sivand dam broadcasted in local news and when pictures of the lake behind the dam published that it was concurrent with president trip to Pars province. The protesters wanted to refuse giving license to ministry of power to harvest water of dam. But this time protesters broke the silence and chanted slogan to condemn the organization and wanted his head to resign. The opposition ended with chanting ' oh. Iran'' song.

9) In may13 , 2007: some private organizations , groups and fonder of country cultural heritage stated their worry about refilling sivand dam to public relations of Iran leadership . The head of Bargahe Mehr Isfahan institute said that: we went to public relations of leadership office and submitted our worry letter about refilling sivand dam attached to other unanswered letters which sent to president office.

10) May 18, 2007: ' TAHKIM VAHDAT office' protested against inundating of dam. Social and cultural secretary of TAHKIM VAHDAT office stated : we supports the aggregation and demonstration against cultural heritage organization and would attend in it .
they added , in one hand , if water harvesting of sivand dam hindered , so all the costs have been spent to construct the dam will be lost and in other hand, if it inundated, the Iran ancient work will be lost . why do the heads treat such that make people and themselves choose between bad and worst. So we opposite against this view that without investigating about doing works , they force all to accept the conducted work.
Even the heads of cultural heritage organization have been forced to accept the conducted work.
But the biggest protest was when the president Mahmood Ahmadi Nejad ordered to harvest water of dam that the news broadcasted by mass media . Some news agencies such as France press, routers, B.B.C and many domestic news agencies came to provide news of this demonstration.

11. 20/4/2007: through called "Passargadae student liberation committee" more than 800 students
and teachers appeared against cultural heritage organization to protest inundating sivand dam. They chanted slogans such as "elementary friend", "we will build homeland again" "oh. Iran". Also they protested against destructing cultural memorial Tangeh-Bolaghi and wanted to stop inundating sivand dam. They chanted slogan and wanted the head of organization to resign and mentioned the organization is inefficient about doing its tasks.

12.21/4/2007: the students of science and technique university opposed against inundation of sivand dam and they gathered against architecture and technique college of this university. Some students moved toward the main door of university and chanted slogan "oh. Iran" to show their objection.

13. In 23th, 4, 2007: some students of management and accounting college from Alameh Tabatabaye university signed a roll to protest against inundating sivand dam . The roll said :
at the time when in a corner of world there are 300 door to make Iranain name shameful and ugly , how can it be allowed some people sacrifice and destruct our old history by building dam and railway. Of course, there were some other scattered protests and appearances in different parts of country specially in Shiraz city and some protesters arrested by police and were threatened.

14. But in other oppositions, public organizations and those interested in natural and cultural heritage and human rights began to gather and sign a complaint against 2 members of Iran president, Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejat's cabinet that perhaps it is the first action in this position . The attorney of this case given to four lawyers from attorneys club and human rights attorneys, such as Mahammad Ali Dadkhad and
Shirin_Ebadi (winner of Nobel peace prise). By november 2007, about 5000 people signed the letter of attorney to give power of attorney for complaint.
Eventually, because of case sensitivity and accusers position , after several month with continuous effort by case lawyers, the first session of inquiry held on in June 18, 2007, that non of the accusers attended in court and the managing it by interrogator or judge was such that it implied inattention and unimportant protests and confirmed the governmental organization actions. Then after passing 6 months of complaint, it hasn't been issued temporary order so far. But according to law, the ultimate time to issue temporary order is 2 months. Even the interrogator refused to send expert to inspect it, these all occurred in a condition that according to constitutional law, irretrievable destructing the bio environment is banned. And defense of bio environment and historical, national, cultural heritage is legal right of all Iranian people.
Now in spite of the protests and efforts of people, the inundation of sivand dam is started and the last opportunities to save the 10000 years natural museum is losing. By complete inundation of this dam, the region nature and existed ancient works in Tangeh-Bolaghi will be lost forever . Pasargadae and cruse the great tomb as a human common heritage will be threatened seriously.

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