Monday, January 7, 2008

Bio-Environmental impacts

These damages are high as a result of dam inundation . By inundation , the region plant coverage will be destroyed and at least 8000 trees with the age of 500 years and thousand hectares of agricultural lands will be destroyed . Because the soil is dry as a result of inundation , we won't be able to prevent the plant loss . The flow of river will be stopped and the ecology will be diminished.
Three months after refilling on 20/8/2007 Iranian press said , "one of the biggest bio environmental disasters is going to be happen". One of the saddest events was that more than two thousands of flamingoes living in
the lake of bakhtegan were died.
This lake is the second largest lake in Iran which lies at the heart of biggest Iranian national parks . At this time more than ten thousands of flamingoes were evacuated from the site by pro environmentalists.

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