Thursday, January 10, 2008

sivand dam specification

The dam is 95 km far from Northern of
shiraz , 50 km Northern of the ancient city of persepolis (Takht-Jamshid) and 10 km far from the south of pasargadae , on the polwer (sivand) river . the polwer (sivand) river lies between the two historic sites registered in UNESCOS universal heritages (Takht Jamshid-Pasargard) and beside cyrus the great tomb in the heart of Tange – Bolaghi . Building operations was begun in 1371 (1992) by SEKO co . (under the supervision of IGG) .With the following specification:
A mud dam with clay core and a height of 57m, crown 600m long . It is estimated that the volume of water behind the dam will be 255 million m ³, and its area will be 11 km². The officials say that the aim of constructing the dame is to control
pulwar River flooding and watering the lands of ARSANJAN region with an area of 9000 hectares.
This canal is located in a distance of 90 km far from Northern Shiraz (center of Pars province) and in Pasargadae Hakhamanish section in a close distance to cruse the greate tomb and Pasargadae. According to explorations done by excavators more than 130 archeological sites have been discovered which include valuable works from 10000 years ago to Safavieh era. In addition to its high archeological value this canal does have a beautiful nature including more than 8000 plant species which have history of 500 years. This canal is located at heart of the region which used be named the civilization intersection .

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