Friday, January 11, 2008

the history of sivand dam construction

In responding to public opposition " why the dam is located in an area which has the shortest distance with historic sites and Iranian civilization origin ?", the officials simply responded that the dam construction was planned during the previous regime era . In responding to this evasive answer, we must say that, according to collected data and researches it becomes clear that in the previous regime era there used to be a dyke or dam construction plan in the region of "bal sivand" which didn't used to threat historic sites and in the care of belonging this plan to the previous regime (sivand dam with current specification and location) does this case justify the current officials' mistakes, regarding the dam building? Data show that , some stone sluice used to be built in the region of tange-bolaghi with 15m height (one of these sluices remaining was discovered by power ministry bulldozer, interestingly enough , studies, by researchers and experts show that regarding the river level and the soil type , the maximum water height will not go higher than 15m . Finally, in late 1995 the members of Islamic parliament offered a legislation to construct a delaying dam on the sivand river. The legislation was passed with an 8 million $ credit . Now we ask power ministry officials how the sivand-dam with 8 million $ credit has turned in to a national plan with a credit more than 80 million $ ?

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