Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Violation of international laws and Rights

Although, there is no law to prevent the possible crime in Iran as opposed to other countries , but regarding the interpretation done by the department of rights in judiciary power, the government is responsible to preserve the cultural and natural heritage. And if they don’t fulfill the commitment , public may prosecute them . In fact, Tange Bolaghi is a natural museum for humankind living from Stone Age till civilization development which holds a high universal value . Hence any kind of damage to this site not only is damage to Iranian heritage but also damage to humankind . For this reason on September 22 (2004) UNESCO worriedly announced that By inundation Sivand dam, the preserved region of Pasargard registered in UNECSO will be flooded and the archeological sites lying in the region will be mysteriously buried for ever.
Construction of Sivand dam is in open violation regarding the international laws to which Iran is committed. For instance : according the article 22 of human rights declaration : every one is entitled to take part in his country's cultural life and make use of its arts and has a share in scientific developments and its benefits and that member countries of this accord, recognize every one's right to take part in cultural life and since Iran has to abide by this accord , the governments can't breach the accord by any justification . on the other hand , article 2 convention 1972 on natural & cultural heritage preservation declares : international community does recognize cultural heritage preservation and is committed to prevent any kind of deliberate damage in any form so that it will be possible to transfer this heritage to the next generation.

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